Sunday, June 15, 2008

Playing in the water

Paxton's favorite thing is being outside. His next favorite thing is water. Combine the two and he is one happy camper. I gave him the hose to play with. He thought it was great. He sprayed grandpa's truck, the house, himself, and ME. Poor Daphnie wouldn't even come outside. Paxton thought it was hilarious to chase me with the hose. Pax loves Popsicles, he says they are "hot." Well not quite.


Paxton had tubes put in his ears on May 19th. He did very well. He was up and playing the same day. Coming out of anesthesia was tough. He was kicking and screaming. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be held or not. Hopefully this will help with the ear infections.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Playing in the DIRT

Grandma Gibson gave Paxton some dirt toys for Easter. Paxton is all boy and loves to play outside the in the dirt, getting as messy as possible. He also loves cars and trucks. Paxton is starting to say several words, although he rarely repeats them more than once.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look who turned One!

Paxton turned one in December. We had a small party for him at his great grandma and grandpa's house. He enjoyed opening his gifts, although the paper and boxes were more fun. It was a little difficult keeping his attention on the gifts. Paxton had his very own cake, which he demolished. We had to put him in the tub. He was covered head to toe. We have pictures of the party, but I will have to post them later.