Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trains and Papa

Last weekend I put all the chairs in the living room so I could mop the floor easier. Paxton climbed onto them and immediately started to say "Chaga Chaga Choo Choo." Its so fun to see him learn how to use his imagination.

Later that day Grama, Papa, and Austin (who Pax for some unknown reason calls Mike)came over for dinner. It was good to see Austin. Pax loved playing, tickling, and wresteling with him and Papa.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Baskets and MORE Easter Baskets

Paxton was so much fun for Easter this year. On Saturday we colored Easter eggs. Pax didn't understand that you have to drop them in the water softly, so a couple of them broke. I guess that's why we hard boil them. On Sunday morning we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had left him an egg with a clue. Each egg took him to another spot in the house until he found his basket. It was SO cute! He was so excited to find each egg. He immediately tore into the candy and by the end of the day had a tummy ache.

Coloring Easter Eggs

New Easter outfit

Paxton's new shoes. He loved them so much he had to take a nap in them. Too bad they hurt his feet after awhile. (yes, I did cut his crazy toe nails)

After getting dressed we went to GG's house for breakfast and Basket #2 for Pax. More Clothes, More toys and More Candy. GG also had an Easter egg hunt set up for him. Paxton though it was so cool to find the eggs and that most of them had money in them. He had a pocket full of change.

Easter Egg Hunt

We made it home for a nap, then went to Grama and Papa's house for dinner and Easter Basket #3. (spoiled kid), and a cupcake. Paxton had a great day. He got lots of gifts and got to visit with all of his favorite people. Thanks for everything GG, Grama, and Papa.

Easter Basket at Grama and Papa's


Monday, April 6, 2009

Bicycle Dad

Yesterday Paxton decided to dog pile Sean. He put all the pillows on Dad then climbed the mountain to "ride the bicycle." He jumped on his dad for about a half hour going on about how he was riding the bicycle. Poor Sean... I think he secretly enjoys it though.

Somewhere under this pile of blankets and pillows, you can find Sean.
I will post about our trip to Vegas another time, but I need to head to bed.