Friday, March 13, 2009

Mr. P's 25 things

25 things about the Cutest Kid Ever!

1. Paxton LOVES fire and fire trucks. I just hope he is more interested in putting them out then starting them.

2. Everything is better with “Sauce.”

3. Pax is a mommy’s boy, or a daddy’s boy… whoever is NOT around is the one he wants.

4. He is crazy about trucks, and will sometimes talk only about them for hours.

5. Pax has thick beautiful eyebrows (verging on a unibrow)

6. Paxton believes that Dad can fix anything

7. Paxton thinks Mom has the all healing kiss.

8. He is spoiled rotten

9. We have one Dog, Daphne, Who pax has a love hate relationship with.

10. Pax is the most social two year old I have ever met. He loves being around other kids, and is able to play and interact very well with them.

11. Pax likes to talk on the phone to Gama, Papa, and GG.

12. Pax refuses to sit in a highchair or booster seat even at restaurants. He has to be a big boy at the table just like the adults.

13. Paxton sleeps with about 10 stuffed animals in his bed. They must all be there, and he knows if one is missing.

14. “Dog” given to him from uncle Ryan is his favorite stuffed animal. He has gone everywhere with us.

15. Such a big helper, and wants to be so independent

16. Enjoys being outside, no matter what the temperature is.

17. Paxton is the only two year old I know that prefers taking a shower over a bath.

18. Paxton loves going swimming. He thinks if fun to splash, be splashed, and to have water dumped on his head.

19. Has tubes in his ears

20. Bones... Blow it up! (inside joke)

21 Pax is all boy, not only does he love trucks, he loves playing in the dirt.

22. Pax hates dirty hands (funny sense he loves playing in the dirt). He must have a napkin at meal time to periodicaly wipe his hands and face.
23. Paxton speaks very well. Strangers are able to understand him.
24. Pax rarely leaves the house without his Utah hat. Which he calls utes hat.

25. Reads 1-5 books every night before bed, and will not go to bed without it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After work on Friday, Sean introduced me to his new love. Paxton didn't seem welcoming at first, but never the less, Weezy is now a part of the family.

Weezy is the new car. Mini Cooper S. Sean has been wanting something new for about a year. I finally gave in and told him that if he could keep the payments about the same as the blazer, then we can do it. He found this Mini, and well, had to have it. Paxton was upset about not having the truck anymore, but I think we have finally convinced him that the truck is "broken" and dad has a new car. The best part is it will get double the gas mileage!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My BIG boy

It just seems that Paxton is growing up so fast. He seems to continue to learn new things everyday. This weekend Sean and I were noticing just how grown up he has gotten.

On Friday night I called my mom, we were all in the car. Pax could tell who I was talking to and asked to talk to gama on the phone. HE HAD A WHOLE CONVERSATION!! Sean and I just listened to him in amazement. We could understand the entire conversation and what they were talking about. Wow! My baby is not a baby anymore. Paxton was so excited to go to gama and papa's house. He asked all day when we got to go. Thanks mom and Adrian for taking him.

Saturday morning we woke up and put together ALL of his puzzles. The kid can do all of them by himself, even the hard ones that have several pieces in one area. I just can't believe what a big boy he has turned into.