Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

Here are a few pictures from Halloween. It should be no surprise that Paxton was a fireman. He was so cute trick-or-treating. We went with some friends who have a daughter that is only 3 months younger than Pax. Paxton had no need to knock on doors, he yelled "trick-or-treat" at every door, at the top of his lungs. Most houses have him extra candy, and he made sure to thank everyone. He got lots of practice the day before at my mom's work, where he got a whole bucket full of candy (that's two buckets total). This might be the ONLY time I let him have candy for breakfast.

The night before we carved a pumpkin. Paxton thought it was "yucky" to pull out the guts with his hands, and didn't have much luck with a spoon, so he painted his side instead. I think its cute.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Even though I don't post as often as I should, I am always on the lookout for opportunities for cute new pictures. Although, sometimes I don't always have my camera... lucky for a camera on the phone. Paxton is such a silly kid. He loves to laugh and pull cheesy smiles.
Paxton swinging at a park with. He was hysterical... until he fell off.

"LOOK I UP A TREE" After dinner with my parents, we went outside to show PaPa that Pax can do somersaults. He found this pole next to the tree and was anxious to climb it. Grandma helped him.

P's first Utah football game. He had a lot of fun, and is ready for the next game. He actually did really well, and didn't get too antsy until the end of the game.

Paxtons "funny" face. He made me laugh so hard, I had to take a picture. Where does he learn these things? What a goof ball!

Monday, October 5, 2009

4th of July (very late)

Alright, Alright... I know its been forever. I have a lot of things to post, so stay tuned....

On the 4th of July we had a BBQ at Sean's grandpa's house. Paxton loves being with his family, and even got to meet some that live out of state.

The week before we watched the West Fest fireworks from our back porch. It scared Pax, and he wanted nothing to do with it. So on the 4th we decided to stick to pops. Last year he had to stomp on them to get them to "pop" but this year he was able to throw them. He had a lot of fun with them.

He even had pop wars with Dad. I think Paxton won.

Pax loves the swing at Grandpa's house. He is even big enough to climb in himself now.

Sean's uncles from out of state were in town. This is all of Sean's mom's siblings and Grandpa. Yes, I made them take the picture. Letting them be goobers, is the only way I got them to smile. Sean's cousin, wife and twins were also in town. It was nice to finally meet them. Paxton also enjoyed having other kids around. (and I enjoyed hearing the occasional cry/scream and know that I didn't have to attend to it.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MORE Fire Trucks!

A couple weeks ago West Valley put on West Fest. We decided to take Paxton over for a few rides. At first we put him on a motorcycle ride, which we though he would love.... guess again! He cried through the entire thing. Finally we found a fire truck ride. You can see in the picture how this went. We couldn't get him off it. He rode it twice in a row. My camera battery was dead so all the pics are with the phone, YUCK!

We went on one ride with him, the spinning apples. We were all happy to get off.

On Saturday they had a parade. We could hear the fire trucks from our house. Pax and I jumped on the bike and headed down. By the time we got there they were already done, so we went to the fire station to check out the trucks. The garage was open but no one was there. Paxton still enjoyed looking at the trucks.

Sense we were unable to meet any firemen, we rode over to West Fest to see if there were any there. Sure enough... Pax was able to sit in the fire truck and the firefighter gave him a badge (sticker). Paxton seemed to enjoy his weekend of firetrucks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aches and pain = new yard

The past week we have been working non stop on our yard. We had a sprinkler system put in, raked up all the rocks, put down top soild and layed sod. We are all aches and pains this week. We still need to plant our flower beds, but other then that we are done. I thought I had a pic with the grass, but I guess not. Paxton loved being outside all day. Of course I put sun screen on him, and not us. We were both pretty burned.

Shawn and Brian came over to help us with the yard. Paxton had to take a break with them in the shade. Funny kid just wanted to hang with the boys.

My Parents and Sean's mom also came to help us. Paxton thinks Papa is awesome! He will take any chance he can to help Papa. Pax got to spend the night with Grandma and Papa that night so Mom and Dad could sleep in.
I will try to get some pictures of the finished product.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Black Eye

Paxton received his first black eye on Monday at daycare. He was hit with a toy by another kid. It was accidental. Pax knows he hurt his eye, but doesn't complain about it at all. Its really not that bad. The pictures were taken Tuesday night. I also discovered tonight as I was clipping his nails that one of them is black at the bottom. A while ago he had it pinched. Poor kid.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Funny Kid

On Sunday night we put Paxton to bed as usual. I always check on him before I go to bed. I went in, picked up his covers, and NO PAXTON! We had been in the living room, so I know he couldn't have gone anywhere. I started to look around his room. I found him curled up sound asleep on the rocking chair. Of course I ran to get Sean, he had to see this too... We picked him up and put him in his bed. Silly kid just wanted to be rocked to sleep.

I am currently taking some medications that turn my urine colors. Of course my days of privacy in the bathroom are over. When I was done, Pax wanted to flush the toilet for me. He look in and said, "orange juice in there." HAHA!