Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MORE Fire Trucks!

A couple weeks ago West Valley put on West Fest. We decided to take Paxton over for a few rides. At first we put him on a motorcycle ride, which we though he would love.... guess again! He cried through the entire thing. Finally we found a fire truck ride. You can see in the picture how this went. We couldn't get him off it. He rode it twice in a row. My camera battery was dead so all the pics are with the phone, YUCK!

We went on one ride with him, the spinning apples. We were all happy to get off.

On Saturday they had a parade. We could hear the fire trucks from our house. Pax and I jumped on the bike and headed down. By the time we got there they were already done, so we went to the fire station to check out the trucks. The garage was open but no one was there. Paxton still enjoyed looking at the trucks.

Sense we were unable to meet any firemen, we rode over to West Fest to see if there were any there. Sure enough... Pax was able to sit in the fire truck and the firefighter gave him a badge (sticker). Paxton seemed to enjoy his weekend of firetrucks.