Friday, October 9, 2009

Even though I don't post as often as I should, I am always on the lookout for opportunities for cute new pictures. Although, sometimes I don't always have my camera... lucky for a camera on the phone. Paxton is such a silly kid. He loves to laugh and pull cheesy smiles.
Paxton swinging at a park with. He was hysterical... until he fell off.

"LOOK I UP A TREE" After dinner with my parents, we went outside to show PaPa that Pax can do somersaults. He found this pole next to the tree and was anxious to climb it. Grandma helped him.

P's first Utah football game. He had a lot of fun, and is ready for the next game. He actually did really well, and didn't get too antsy until the end of the game.

Paxtons "funny" face. He made me laugh so hard, I had to take a picture. Where does he learn these things? What a goof ball!


The Dalton Family said...

I have a 450 number for you. Is that still the same. My number is 907 947 4333. We live in provo, not too far. I am so down for making a trip to see you. Pax is freakin cute.

The Pierces said...

All I can say is he's cute! Reminds me of Luke. We need to get the boys together soon!